The United States locks up too many people for far too long. Our criminal justice system is tangled in overcrowded prison cells, draconian sentences, burdensome incarceration costs and heartbroken children and families. Thousands of men and women labor daily in prison under the dark cloud of fundamental death sentences handed down under federal drug laws. Reform is desperately needed.

The Buried Alive Project will harness America’s collective interest, passion, and direct experience of this issue into concrete change.

No one can tell your story better than you!

By engaging people across the country in this project, we can all take part in humanizing the narrative surrounding mass incarceration to bring real change to our criminal justice system through transformative legislation and litigation.

We need a massive groundswell of support to wake up the consciousness of this country and show people who hold the levers of power that the time is now to believe in humanity and simply do the right thing. We greatly appreciate your support!

There is nothing more urgent than freedom.

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