Our partners play an integral role in this life saving work. We are extremely grateful for their support.




Our advisors represent a diverse group of individuals with expertise in a broad range of fields and a shared passion for criminal justice reform.


Amanda Bashi, The Decarceration Collective
MiAngel Cody, The Decarceration Collective
Trenton Copeland, President Obama Clemency Recipient

Sarah Fuchs, Writer
Jason Gulledge, Stackpath

Jill Harris, Morgan, Lewis & Bockius LLP
Jason Hernandez, President Obama Clemency Recipient

Kandice Kapinos, RAND Corporation
Pamela Metzger, Deason Criminal Justice Reform Center
Keyon Mitchell, Social Justice Advocate

Jon Perri, change.org & Nation of Second Chances
Gideon Powell, Cholla Petroleum, Inc.
Jessica Jackson Sloan, #cut50
Jennifer Turner, ACLU
Breon Wells, The Daniel Initiative